Thursday, April 1, 2010


Had the first campaign of my new RP system. According to two players it could have done without the social commentary but was overall pretty fun.

The characters started in a tavern and were enlisted to clean up the waste filled basement bathroom. The floor caved in and they fell into the sewer, where they fought an enchanted Cup & Ball.

I sort of assigned one person to be a Mold Man, and I'm impressed at how much he embraced the character. Time was spent throughout the mission figuring out what kind of powers a Mold Man might have. One of them is seeing well in sewer water. Mold Men are pretty lame.

Shukshukeet the half elf witch was VERY proud to have magic boots and announced it several times.


  1. why the hell am i not listed as a person you may know along the side??

    anyways, that was a solid game, and my first intro to dnd. i am looking forward to our next installment

  2. I think next you need to illustrate us in a splash page.